Project name: Zaytuna College
Project type: University Campus
Location: 2115 Norris Canyon Rd, San Ramon, CA
Total floor area:
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AMA Engineering create the architectural drawings using a combination of traditional Spanish and modern California. The drawings were generated in 3-D by the software 3ds Max. The project is on hold and will be potentially built on lot 117Ac of San Ramon, CA.

Project name: Danube Elementary
Project type: Elementary School
Location: 11220 Danube Ave, Granada Hill, CA
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On January 17, 1994 the Northridge Earthquake caused severe cracking in the classroom walls. It was due to the lack of seismic separation. AMA Engineering did the new seismic design for the damaged parts of the school. The aim was to make the safest structure possible against seismic activity and according to the California codes and regulations.