Project name: Dehererra Residence
Project type: 3 Bedroom Home
Location: 1615 Lawrence road, Danville, CA
Total floor area:
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AMA Engineering designed the structural drawings for this beautiful house. The challenge in the structural design was to use natural materials as structural elements and to keep them exposed to show their architectural beauty. None of the structural elements used in the home were covered by stucco or other covering materials. All roof trusses and post connections are exposed. The sloping backyard has an infinity pool giving the feeling of open space and freedom. The house is a work of art and its’ clever structural design complies with the city and California codes and regulations.

Project name: Abed Residence
Project type: 4 Bedroom Home
Location: 321 North Gate Road, Walnut Creek, CA
Total floor area:
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AMA engineering remodeled the architecture, structure, and interior design of the existing residence, adding 1,808 square feet. The home is on a 50,683 square foot lot area surrounded by nature. The design uses inviting openings to the backyard to enjoy the surrounding views.